Saturday, April 5, 2008

This Week's Menu Plan

Apparently this blog has just turned into a place where I keep my menu plans for the week. So be it, I guess - I have some big plans for posting recipes soon, having recently come out of a prolonged time where I was unenthusiastic about everything I was cooking, winter and its stodgy foods lasting for just a bit too long. Now, however, the sandhill cranes are back and the snow is melting and I feel like cooking again, spring's foods lasting for just a moment.

(so if you HAVE been asking me for recipes and I haven't been posting them, you can expect them this week. Likely.)

Saturday - It's always hard to strike the right note on Saturday nights, since we've generally a) eaten junk food for lunch and b) are exhausted from running errands all day.
Supper - Tex-Mex Turkey Wraps. This recipe came from a VERY frequently used book - Better Food For Kids. I've had it for years and still refer to it all the time, since it's such a handy collection of kid-friendly, healthy recipes.

Sunday - I like making a special breakfast on Sunday morning, but we also go to church before lunchtime, so it's a bit of a rush as I get up early to make breakfast AND gussy up. And then I like to make a nice, Grandma+Grandpa style dinner for Sunday night, which means that I spend Sunday cooking. But that's okay - I like cooking.

Breakfast - Brown Sugar French Toast. I'll be putting this together tonight and then throwing it into the oven as I head off to do my eye makeup, probably. And a fruit salad made of grapes (because I have grapes that need using up), banana and orange wedges. "Don't think that you need to have a different kinds (of fruit) in one salad, either," wrote Peg Bracken. "This isn't the Waldorf-Astoria. Three is quite all right." I've wanted to use that quote for AGES and NOW I HAVE.

Lunch - Tuscan Bean Soup, from the same Better Food For Kids book that I mentioned earlier. My kids, for the record, cheerfully eat all sorts of things that apparently other people's children refuse, even though I think of my kids as being monstrously picky. They've eaten lentils and beans from the time they were wee babies shoving handfuls of glop into their mouths, and so they just aren't weird to them. Don't ask me about mushrooms, though.

Supper - Oven Barbecued Chicken and Roasted Potatoes with Bacon and Cheese - both recipes from that free magazine that Kraft puts out, and a very handy magazine it is, too.
Deluxe Coleslaw and Glazed Carrot Coins, from that Better Food cookbook AGAIN. Handy!
A Chocolate Meringue Pie from April's copy of Everyday Food magazine, which I go through phases of really enjoying.

Breakfast - Mango Slices, Scrambled Eggs and Bacon and some toast and then off to school with most of my kids.

Snack - My kids have that annoying, divided-in-half school day, which means that I have to pack two small meals instead of one jumbo lunch. Gosh, that's fun. Thank you SO MUCH, school board. And their snack will be, thrillingly enough, red grapes, Mini Oreos (since they have demanded them for weeks, poor bubs, and The Girl finally thought to write them down on the shopping list.) and cheese strings.

Lunch - Chicken Wraps - using last night's chicken - and coleslaw.

Supper - Ratatouille, homemade French bread, fruit salad and a Glazed Lemon Cake. These recipes come from the Silver Palate cookbook.

Breakfast - Individual Baked Custards, Orange Slices.
Let me put in a good word for baked custards, a largely - and unfairly - forgotten breakfast food. They're very easy and nutritionally dense, which makes them nice for scrawny children or people recovering from an illness, and they're nicely gentle to eat. My recipe comes from The Breakfast Book, which I LOVE.

Snack - Glazed Lemon Cake, Apple Slices (dipped in lemon so they don't brown)

Lunch - Ratatouille Calzones, using last night's leftover ratatouille and packaged pizza dough.

Supper - Honey-Garlic Baked Salmon (the Better Food cookbook AGAIN!), Brown Rice and Chinese Vegetables.

Breakfast - Baked Apples and Toast.

Snack - Baby Carrots and Green Beans with Ranch Dip, and a banana.

Lunch - Pizza from the pizza people. I will probably throw in a few mini Oreos, too.

Supper - Pasta Primavera Gregory - a nice, spring-y sounding recipe from the Silver Palate cookbook - and a Minty Cucumber Salad. I'm making Lemon Squares from the new Martha Stewart Cookie book, too. Mmm, lemon squares.

Breakfast - Muesli, which just requires me remembering to put it together before bed on Wednesday night.

Snack - A Lemon Square and a sliced kiwi. They're FULL of vitamin C!

Lunch -Rice and Lentil Salad, which I'll assemble on Tuesday night, a cheese string, and some whole grain crackers.

Supper - Tangy Pork Ribs in the crockpot - from the February/March issue of Taste of Home - mashed potatoes, oven-roasted asparagus, a spinach-strawberry salad with homemade poppyseed dressing, and a jello dessert that The Girl wants to make.

Breakfast - Boxed Cereal. We have it on hand, but it's a bedtime snack most days. I'll throw some frozen blueberries in it to assuage my guilt.

Snack/Lunch - Green Sliced Veggie Salad, Refried Bean and Salsa Roll-Up, and Chocolate pudding with sliced banana.

And Friday night's supper can take care of itself.


minnesotamom said...

You amaze me, woman. I don't think I knew you had a recipe site. I feel like I'm doing good when I just plan the week's suppers (Husband gets leftovers or sandwiches all week, and I eat whatever's handy. Anja, she's in that baby food stage.), and here you go doing every meal and snack. Seriously, you rock.

Did you say you're going to post the recipes for some of these?

Angeline said...

Yo! This week's list looks exciting to me, I am especially entice by the Sunday menu.

Lisa b said...

I wish I could plan meals like this. I am proceeding in baby steps, steps so small I won't embarrass myself and admit how tiny.
I will pick up that cookbook though. My friend loves it and recommended it ages ago. I resist buying cookbooks as I am such a lousy cook but I think perhaps it might inspire me.

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

I want to know more about the barbeque ribs in the crockpot. Are those recipes online anywhere? Oh, never mind. You have enough to do. I'll poke around on my own. Nice menu though. I wish I could get Bean to eat beans. She has NEVER liked them. Texture thing, I guess.

Hairline Fracture said...

The Better Food cookbook is going on my Amazon wishlist--all of the recipes from it sound good!

I'm going to try to cook more this week. We've been surviving on chicken & sausage gumbo I made last weekend (well, not really, but tonight will be the third meal of it) and although it's good, we need a more balanced diet!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Wow... Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner planned:)

Nowheymama said...

I... can't remember where that Peg Bracken quote is! And here I thought I could turn to any of her quotes in a second. Hint, please?

*Adding Better Food For Kids to Amazon list*

Beck said...

It's from the I Hate To Cook Book!

Sober Briquette said...

well, lucky me, then, to have just come over this week with all the archives to go through AND the promise of new energy and recipes to come.

Nowheymama said...

That's what I thought! *riffling pages to find it*

Beck said...

Look up "fruit salad" in the index and you should find it in no time at all....

Kathryn said...

Can I come and live with you?

Nowheymama said...

Whew--I can sleep now. :)

Rach the Bach said...

I share the feelings of apathy toward cooking over the past month or so...Yes, winter has just been toooooo long. My family has had to "make do" too many times lately. Even tonight, my husband, who never ever ever cooks, is making spaghetti. I LOVE your menu plan...I'd steal it except my hubby won't eat 95% of the things you listed. How do you feed a picky adult, much less a picky child???