Monday, November 12, 2007

Muriel's Peanut Butter Fudge

Mad sent me this recipe and it sounds GOOD. I've never made peanut butter fudge before so now I have something new to look forward to for Christmas.
Mix in a saucepan:
1 cup white sugar
1 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup Carnation Evaporated Milk
1/4 cup butter
Boil together until it's at the crackling point (roughtly five minutes.). If you have never made candy before, I am too faint-hearted to instruct you in how, but it IS doable. But tricky - as Mad warned in her email: "It's all about seeing and hearing the right moment. If you take the pot off the stove too soon you have runny fudge. If you leave it a minute too late, your fudge is too hard to work with."
Let cool for a minute and then beat with an electric mixer.
After about a minute, stir in 3/4 cup peanut butter and a tsp. of vanilla. Spread into a greased 8" pan. Let it cool and then cut into squares.
(Mad also added that you could add walnuts or coconut. Well, you could. Stir them in at the same time as the peanut butter and vanilla, if you must.


Family Adventure said...

This one sounds amazing. But I'm not sure I dare try it on, now that you've kinda warned us newbies. Maybe I'll just drop by around Christmas time?


Kim from Hiraeth said...

Details, please!

I need to know what I'm supposed to see and hear.

I am not a candy maker but I DO like peanut butter fudge!

: D

Mad Hatter said...

Watch it boil. Well, you will be stirring it regularly anyway. The nature of the boiling will change at around 5 mins into the rolling boil process. The bubbles will look more like little volcanoes rather than the usual fluidity of a rolling boil. The sound of the boiling will be a bit different too. It'll have a crackle to it. Alternatively, you can buy a candy thermometer which will let you know when you've hit the right moment.